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The Runaway’s (Part Three)

So we have reached part 3 on our journey with the Runaway’s. Next I will tell you about the final three members of the original group.

Gertrude Yorkes


Parents – She is the daughter of two time travelling Villains

Powers / Abilities – Telapathic link with a Velociraptor( Actually it’s a Deinonychus)

Code Name – Arsenic

Quotes – “Most people in life don’t have great power, and the few that do are almost never responsible with it. The people who have the greatest responsibility are the kids with no power because we’re the ones who have to keep everybody in check. “

— Gertrude Yorkes to Spider-Man

So she is mean, sarcastic and always right, this is why we love her. She is one of the most sensible members of the team. At the start of the series Gert is at that awkward place where teenagers think they know shit about politics but sadly don’t, trust me I have been there. Gert is terrifyingly smart and quite the badass; her greatest moment is when she stands up to the wrecking crew, this scene is definitely worth a look. Something we should all watch out for is that in one possible future she becomes leader of the Avengers, see she is a total badass.


Chase Stein


Parents – Evil Scientists

Powers / Abilities – Two very powerful gauntlets called the fistigons, that produce and control fire, X-Ray goggles and eventually the teams getaway driver.

Code Name – Talk Back

Quotes – “I’ll handle this Thing wannabe. After all, there’s only one way to deal with a lame Fantastic-Four rip-off… FLAME ON! “


“Xavin, what is it with you Skrulls invading things? Not cool.”

Chase is the rebellious sort and the oldest of the group, his father is physically abusive, his parents are disappointed in their son, though chase is talented at sports he was just never smart enough for them and this has given him an inferiority complex. Chase has some of the best lines in the series and its he that supplies the group with their first hideout and get away vehicle. Chase is a lot more intelligent than even he lets on, plus on some level he is kind of dorky, that and being a huge Kevin Smith fan how can we not love Chase.


Karolina Dean


Parents – Aliens from another world

Powers – Karolina has powers due to her alien (Majesdanian) physiology. She is able to absorb solar radiation to an unknown degree and convert it into a unique energy type which she can manipulate for various uses (an aide of the Kingpin has described her energy as “some sort of cosmic energy”). She is able to store the solar energy in every cell of her body, even her blood. In her natural state, her skin and hair fluoresce with shimmering, rainbow-colored light of solar radiation. Her blood is deadly to vampires, and her physiology presumably differs from humans in other ways as well. She also appears to be stronger than an average human.

Flight: Karolina is able to propel herself into the air at supersonic speeds, leaving a rainbow-like trail behind. The upper limits of her speed have yet to be determined. She is able to carry others while flying, at one time surrounding her fellow Runaways (minus Chase and Old Lace) in an energy field and flying them to a distant building.

Light Blasts: Karolina can also project the energy in a beam of variable intensity and diameter, from a wide concussive blast to a thin laser-like cutting beam by compacting it into her hands.

Force-Fields: She can control the projected energy to a limited degree, forming defensive barriers(capable of stopping cave-ins, gunfire and explosions), enfolding shields, or restraining people. Her degree of control and definition is still unrefined, being far less than more accomplished heroes with similar abilities

Code Name – Lucy In The Sky

Quotes – “We always go to plan B! Next time, we should just make that our plan A!”


In an earlier article we made a few spoilers about Karolina, so I advise avoiding it, she is fun, vegan, Blonde, East Coast girl. The daughter of what she thought was 2 television stars, calling them Hollywood’s only happy couple, she was quite far off the truth, but still Karolina is the moral compass of the group and her relationships with some of the characters are very complex she is definitely a great character to follow, that and she loves the beatles what’s not to love?


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