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The Runaway’s (Part Two)

So In our last article I told the basic history of the Runaways, here I am going to give you a run down on the characters. I just want to say that the code names are dropped by volume two of the series.

Alex Wilder


Parents – His parents run all the organised crime on the west coast

Powers/ Abilities – Alex has no powers but he has great aptitude for strategy and logic.

Code name – None

Quotes – “We’re fugitives from the entire world.”

Alex is the guy who puts everything into motion, it’s his idea to spy on their parents and it’s his idea to stop them. You have to respect this guy, even before his rebellious phase he was a natural strategist, leading teams in his MMO. He manages to formulate an effective strategy to take down the pride and goes up against them even without having any superpowers or weapons. He even manages to decode the Prides secret book, a very difficult feat to accomplish.


Nico Minoru


Parents – Dark Wizards

Powers – Access to the staff of one Nico can cast spells by invoking painful memories, thinking of an effect, and giving the spell a name. There are no “standard” spells; in fact, casting any spell a second time produces an unpredictable (and usually undesirable) effect. Minoru’s spells can affect the elements (earth, air, fire, water), time and/or space, matter and/or energy, light, biological processes, and mental processes, and can apparently summon creatures from other dimensions; in short, the staff allows Minoru to do anything she can imagine, short of raising the dead. After the staff has expended a certain amount of power, it disappears inside Minoru again.

Code name – Sister Grimm


Quotes – “People like to tell you everyone dies alone. I always thought that was a poetic way of saying mortality is inevitable. Or death is scary. But I’m calm now. I can’t feel anything but the cold. This is the end. And right at the moment…it’s not the dying that keeps me dragging myself through the snow. It’s the alone.”

“Jeez. We should probably start skipping the “Friends” reruns and watching the news”

Nico is your standard angst ridden teenage Goth Ok she can be a bit of a slut and seriously has some large trust issues, but she loves her friends and finds herself being the unlikely voice of reasons, sometimes, this is a feeling I can relate too. She does have a pretty awesome sense of style even if it always involves the colour black.


Molly Hayes


Parents – psychic mutants whose eyes glow purple when they use their powers

Powers / Abilities – This girl is on power with the hulk, she is incredibly strong and has a level of invulnerability, as long as she does not get tired.

Code Name – Princess Powerful / Bruiser

Quotes – “Wolverine is a jerk!! And he smells like beers! I want to go with the tall shiny metal guy! Or the cat monkey guy! “

“Okay, if you guys can’t even decide on a costume, I’m not going to sing our new theme song!  “

Molly at the start of the series is a dormant mutant whose parents do dote on her a lot and believe me she is so dammed adorable I can’t blame them. Names after series creator Brian K Vaugns own little sister, she is the team powerhouse who starts the series with a crush on wolverine. On proof on why Molly is awesome, she manages to overpower a Godzilla like Monster and beat up both Wolverine and Frank Castle (The Punisher). Though later on she does have one of the most sweet and heart string pulling moments with Wolverine. For these reasons and her awesome collection of hats Molly is defiantly one of my favourite characters of all time.


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