Upcoming shows for this season.

So the 2013 Autumn line up is about to kick in and there are quite a few new series that I am really interested in watching.

Let’s kick it off with Agents of Shield.

Why would anyone want to watch this? Well it brings back Joss Whedon teaming up with Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen again, they are a dream team, trust me! The show is a spinoff of the the Marvel movie franchise, yes Iron Man, Thor etc etc and deals with Agent Phil Colston returning from the Avengers.Supported by several great actors such as Ming-Na Wen (Push, The Joy Luck Club and Stargate Universe) and J. August Richards (Angel) plus many more. Rumours of Ron Glass (Firefly & Serenity) have also started to surface. The series will focus on the everyday humans, who are just as exceptional as the super heroes of the avengers, taking on the big threats by themselves; it’s going to be a fun watch.


Next on my list is Hostages. Another Jerry Bruckheimer series, ok we can knock him all we want but the man has given us some dam good television over the years, the CSI series, Without a Trace and Cold Case and now Hostages. This series seems like it might just be in his real house. Telling the story of a family whose matriarch is to perform surgery on the United States President, when all of a sudden they are taken hostage, she must either kill the President or let her family die. Ok already I can pick a few holes but still it’s a pretty cool concept, I wonder how they will keep it going.

Next on the menu is Almost Human, starring Dam it Jim! I’m an actor not a Doctor Karl Urban, so yes ladies and men of that persuasion there is a major reason for you to watch. He is one of my fav actors and really hasn’t ever gotten the credit he deserves, well in this series he is back and kicking ass. The series is set 35 years into the future when humans are paired up with life-like androids. Karl plays a detective who has a major distrust of the machines but ends up being paired with one that displays feelings, the not so original odd couple.

The final part of this area in the list is given over to, The Blacklist. When one of the worlds most wanted men, played by James Spader (Avengers age of Ultron, Stargate, Mannequin, Less than Zero and Secretary) turns himself in, claiming that he has information on people far more dangerous than himself, he uses this so called Blacklist to help bring down and bring in the world’s most dangerous and unknown criminals. This one’s really looking intense plus without knowing the main characters motives I really want to watch it more

In my next pick I am highlighting several of the funnier series’s that I have been looking forward to. Brooklyn Nine – Nine. When a childish yet extremely talented detective, played by comedy genius Andy Samberg (The Lonely Islands, I Love You Man and SNL) is forced to grow up, under pressure from his new commanding officer, played by Andre Braugher (Last Resort) comedy and chaos ensues. This one looks great, with a fantastic supporting cast I really hope it lives up to the hype.

Second on the Comedy round up is Dads. Executive producer is Seth McFarlen, working with Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, two actors I know he has done great work with before (Family guy and Ted respectively). This one I am not as sure about, I really want it to work it’s a great team up and follows the lives of two successful video games developers whose lives suddenly change when their fathers move in with them. Feeling bad from my earlier comment about Karl Urban, I should point out that Brenda Song will be appearing in this series and watched a few jaws dropped at the outfit she ends up wearing in the pilot, sighs far too many of my friends are perverts.

Now for some comedy greatness with The Crazy Ones. This series cast is led by none other than Robin Williams, one of the funniest men alive, an epic talent who has shown us in films such as What Dreams May Come that he can do the serious as well as the silly. Set in Chicago, the series follows the lives of the people who work for the Roberts & Roberts advertising agency, headed by Simon Roberts (Williams), a successful, yet unpredictable genius, and his daughter Sydney Roberts (Sarah Michelle Geller), who is more reasonable and determined to make a name for herself. The series follows the antics that come with working not only with family but someone who is in every way your polar opposite; I expect big things from this one.

The Michael J. Fox Show is my next pick and guess who stars in it, one clue it’s not Doc Brown, ye you guessed it, its Michael J. Fox ! In the series he plays Mike Henry whom after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, gives up his career as a news anchor and focus on his health and his family. Five years later, Mike decides to get back to work and struggles between family and career. I’m glad to see Michael J. Fox back, I grew up with Back to the Future and Love Spin City so really pleased with this show, also in supporting is Breaking Bad’s Betsy Brandt, playing Mike’s wife and I know this women is great at comedy.

A few honourable mentions go out too About A Bout, Atlantis, Girl meets world and new Anime Tokyo Ravens, all could be good but I am not sure about, just yet, as always I will let you the viewer decide

About a boy is a remake of the Nick Hornby book, that became the Hugh Grant film, I loved both, but wonder can this translate into a TV series. Girl meets world is the squeal series to boy meets world, its follows the daughter of Corey from the original series, with original cast reuniting this could be a disaster or a fun trip down memory lane,

Atlantis is a new BBC series, this supposed to be its trailer but I am not 100% sure on that.

And Tokyo Ravens just looks like it could be a fun watch.

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