2013 Autumn shows I can’t wait until they return.

So here are the 5 shows that I really am looking forward to the most, its a little short but they are all starting soon and I hope you all can check them out.

So the Leauge is back, the show follows the exploits of a group of friends obsessed with their own fantasy football league. Now I don’t follow American football, mostly because I live in Ireland, but this show is comedy genius. Even though above is a promo for last years series, just check it out and you will laugh, trust me ! (Also you may have noticed that Jon La Joie is a member of the cast, yes that is him so GO WATCH IT NOW!

Supernatural is back for its ninth season and the series just keeps getting better and better. I really can’t get over how amazing this one really is. If you’re not a fan then you have eight seasons to burn through. It just kept getting better since day one so it will not disappoint.

Arrow has been renewed for a second season. I wont lie season one didn’t impress me. This series is a sleeping giant, it has potential and season 2 seems like it may have finally delved back into the comic world that spawned it, with bothThe Flash and Black Canary joining the cast.

Homeland, what can I say, except WOW. It keeps you guessing and the end of season 2 really blew me away. Season 3 looks pretty grim but that’s why we keep watching.

So it’s no surprise that I would finish with this, my most anticipated pick, The Legend of Korra, I have spoken about this before, It looks both amazing and mind blowing, I really cant wait.

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