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Bloody hell, I finally like a vampire comic.

So yes I have finally decided to like a vampire comic. I fear I may be watching Twilight soon and hoping for Edward Cullen to watch me as I sleep (who am I kidding, doesn’t everyone want that). OK so maybe I am being a little melodramatic, but it helped set the tone.

Recently I picked up issue 1 of Dark Horse’s comic Blood Brothers. Written by Mike Gagerman and  Andrew Waller, this is a bro-mance that has spanned centuries with several great cut away gags that really made the history buff inside me laugh our loud. With a mysterious antagonist and  a women getting between two bro’s, this comic goes places others have not. Its fun, intelligent and quirky, definitely a great read and worth checking out.

To sum it up, it’s two bounty hunter vampires scraping by in Las Vegas. Its great, go see for yourself!


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  1. I haven’t read a comic book in years. As for Vampires however, as far as books go, Try he Anne Rice series (I loved Vittorio the vampire). Also, Anita Blank Vampire Hunter by Laura Hamilton. I know there is a comic book version for that, but the books are way better, and leaves a lot more to your imagination (also they are a lot sexier).


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