Graveyard chronicles from a cosplayer kitten! Part 1

So, this is my first review, so bear with me.
I am here to talk about cosplay and cosplayers around the world, starting, of course, in my own country: Venezuela.

Yeah, that really annoying country next to Colombia, where we have been under dictatorship for the past 15 years, sorry, under socialist rule, and figthing against the evil that is the USA! *please insert here an image of a kitten writting this review and quite afraid she’ll get yelled at by the people that support my corrupt goverment.*


Yes, I am strongly political, but that’s neither here, nor there…and since inside the interwebs we can be whoever we can, you can picture me as a cat, a white cat with black paws and ears, like a siamese kitten.

Cosplay in Venezuela, more than a hobby, is a treasure hunt. We can barely afford new wigs, and sometimes fabrics don’t come through customs, so finding the right amount can be treacherous.
So, how do we do our amazing creations?

Simple! We are the most resourcefull!

We have learned how to dye our wigs, we became hair stylists, fashion designers, wig makers, to the point, that we have learned how to sew by hand, in the middle of the night, with only candlelight to help us.


Because Cosplay is more than a hobby, is a passion. We love bringing our favorite characters to life, to help bring so many illusions and make them possible.

That’s what we do as cosplayers, and why we suffer through all the pain that we endure just so we can finish our cosplays on time.


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