Bravest Warriors

So like many of you out there I am a huge fan of Adventure Time. Its crazy, wacky and a solid show to watch for fun times. I was very excited when I heard that Pendleton Ward (that’s the one who gave us Adventure Time originally) had a new show can currently be viewed on YouTube. So me and a few friends ended up power watching the whole series on Saturday night, I have to admit, it was pretty f*cking awesome.


So let me tell you a little about the Bravest Warriors……

  • Christopher “Chris” Kirkman (voiced by Charlie Schlatter (pilot), Alex Walsh (web series)): The leader of the Bravest Warriors. He has a crush on Beth. His weapon animal is a little bee which can form a sword with a honey-comb hilt and a swarm of bees. In the episode “Cereal Master”, he demonstrated his Emotion Lord powers when he moved a bottle of “Seahorse Dreams” by thinking about Beth.
  • Beth Tezuka (voiced by Tara Strong (pilot), Liliana Mumy (web series)): The female member of the Bravest Warriors. She has a crush on Chris. Her weapon animal is a cat which can form into a cat’o’nine tails with cat heads.
  • Wallow (voiced by Dan Finnerty (pilot), Ian Jones-Quartey (web series)): The offbeat and smartest member of the Bravest Warriors. His glove contains a computer A.I. named Pixel (voiced by Maria Bamford) who gets jealous easily. His weapon animal is a falcon that forms an axe. It can also form a bazooka.
  • Daniel “Danny” Vasquez (voiced by Rob Paulsen (pilot), John Omohundro (web series)): The snarky, cool inventor of the Bravest Warriors. His weapon animal is a dog which forms either a sword or gattling gun.


With Breehn Burns behind the project ( Calling all Robots and Gloom Cookies) I knew I was in for a real treat. Judging by some of the jokes, I don’t think this ones entirely for kids, but more for the big kids like myself, its definitely worth a check out and a fantastic watch. With nice relaxed fluid animation complete with smooth cut away gags and general craziness, this show is one of YouTube’s best. As you can see if you still want more after watching the series it now exists as a pretty awesome comic book, hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

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