You finally came to save us!

So after a minor setback with a defective cash card at the cinema last night, a day later and we  finally got to see the Man Of Steel. Before I go any further I will say I’m sick of people bashing the previous Superman Returns, interesting concept and great cast just it fell short, which is a pity, this time round the film didn’t fall short, in fact its still going, The Man of Steel is the Superman Movie we have all been waiting for and its great to finally see the man in blue and red be shown the way is supposed to be seen.

Henry Cavill portrays our aforementioned hero as a messianic Figure, if not as an angel sent here to protect us, a man from the heavens sent to us to show us a better way, a man of hope, a true hero.


After watching this, I finally thought, that’s a superhero, no that’s a hero, I thought about doing the ridiculous thing and looking up the definition and this is what it said –

A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities.

I was never a fan of Superman growing up, he was always to good, to powerful, to pure, but that was the problem with my era, we wanted our Cable’s, the Lobo’s and the ever badass Wolverine, I guess that’s why they wrote Kingdom Come, to show us wear a man of pure heart and nobility would fit in, in a world that wanted the hero to kill the bad guy and be done with it. I know batman is the same, he wont kill, he always find another way but its different with Superman, he can kill but even when he does it hurts him, in many ways he will always show the best qualities of the human species, but tragically he will never be one of us, this film shows that so well and there is a beauty in that tragedy. The film managed to show that for all that power there was a tender heart of a man that cares, below is a picture from a superman comic that shows him taking time out of his day to stop someone from committing suicide, here we have the most powerful entity on the planet and he still stops to look after and guard us, even if we don’t deserve it, he has faith in us, this is the man I saw on the screen today, this is how superman should be done.


So this man this super man really lives up to the title, in spirit and also looks, so ladies out there, its nearly impossible to pull the outfit off but Mr Cavill found a way, on some level I hate him for it. As for the rest of the cast I cant complain, Amy Adams is stunning and amazingly talented as always plus I managed to spot several actors from Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order SVU, Dollhouse and Hannibal, NERDGASIMS happened in public and I am not ashamed. If anyone of you readers out there are planning on having kids maybe ask mama Nolan what she fed her boys because Christopher Nolan’s story was brilliant, its the story we all needed, and with Zack Snyder directing, well this man can shoot the most visually appealing scenes, yes a lot of this was CGI but come on people you have a man that can bench press a boat, fly at incredible speeds and pull of a red cape, there’s only so much that special effects will do.

To round out the visual delight that was the Man of Steel you had an excellent score by Hans Zimmer that just echoed everything that you saw, this was a dream team. Long story short I love this film, old story, retold as only a Nolan can and shot in a way that only Snyder can,its a pity so many people out there just are not seeing it.

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