The Doubleclicks




Bursting forth from Portland Oregon comes the Doubleclicks, this witty sister duo comprised of Aubre and Angela Webber are fantastic song writers who have captured the hearts of nerds everywhere, with their music ranging from scif-i to D&D to even the Velociraptor. They are funny, snarky and above all extremely entertaining. I was very lucky to catch them at Woot Stock 2012 where I instantly grew to love them based on their song ‘Will they or wont they?’ see below.



There inst much I can say about the girls, because they are so talented their music speaks for itself, if you’re into the topics they sing about then you’re going to love them.Since 2011 they have been entertaining people everywhere with their cello driven nerd-folk tunes, if you’re enjoying what you see then the  good news is they have a new album coming out in July, INSTANT-BUY! If that’s not enough they are also currently on tour, go to their home page for more details, or check out their podcast too.


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once again check out their home page here

Below is a few more of my favourite songs that they have produced.

This is possibly one of the sweetest songs I can think of –



And this one I can think of at least 3 female friends who feel the same way about Mr Darcy as the Doubleclicks apparently do.


If you want to see more videos please click here also this is their upcoming tour dates. I cant stress enough if you get the chance to see these ladies you really need to go, you’re in for a real treat.



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