Yomi-Board Game Review

Yomi is a fast paced card game that simulates a battle between two opponents. Each deck represents one character and while doubling as a regular deck of playing cards. The word Yomi is Japanese for the word read, that is exactly what you will be doing, trying to read your opponent. For a simple concept a lot of mind games will be played.

Upon opening your deck you will find the standard 52cards, 2 Jokers, your character card and a rules card, luckily all decks are sold in pairs so all you need now is someone to play with.

Yomi is set in fantasy strike universe: Fantasy Strike is an Olympic-style tournament that takes place in a fantasy martial arts world fractured by political conflict. Stone golem Garus Rook founded the tournament series to bring together the many provinces of the authoritarian Flagstone Kingdom, and plant the idea of a different way of life. Meanwhile, Grave Stormborne has gained notoriety throughout the kingdom as the only fighter to defeat Rook in a tournament match. Though Grave has no interest in matters of state, his fighting skills have piqued the interests of several factions.

This is the basic function of the game

This is the basic function of the game

The game runs a similar set up to rock paper scissors. With block and dodge beating attack, while attack defeats throw, throw defeats block and dodge.

The game is quick and easy to pick up, its a fun play and back in 2011 was nominated for many industry awards.

There are 10 characters in the game(pictured below) each has its own feel and play style. Some are rush, others slow, some involve sacrifice others sheer luck, everyone has their own mechanic and the difference has kept the game very balanced, with maybe only one deck that is slightly stronger than the rest.

All 10 original decks

All 10 original decks

At 20 minutes a match with simple easy to pick up rules, I don’t see any excuse for someone not to play.

Full game box-set

Full game box-set

Enjoy playing


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