Hannibal (2013) TV Series Review


Like many people my age I against my parent’s instructions watched Silence of the Lambs when I was a child. Little advice parental units reading this, don’t tell your kids not to do something. As expected it left me a little haunted, as many of you know, it’s not a child friendly movie. I’m all grown up now and love the film, it’s fantastic and Anthony Hopkins is terrifying in his iconic role as Hannibal Lector. I should add that Brian Cox played the role wonderfully in Man Hunter, but still it all comes back to Anthony Hopkins, yes his version of the character has been parodied dozens of times(if not more) but he can be still very haunting. While at comic con last year I was a little disturbed to hear about a Hannibal TV Series, the last film hadn’t really lived up to its own hype and they were not going to bring back the actor we loved in this part. I am once again delighted to be disappointed, Mads Mikkelsen (you all will remember him as Le Chiffre in the 2006 Casino Royal) plays our Cannibal Doctor in a very domineering yet effective manner.

The series is being used to show the early relationship between Hannibal and FBI Profiler Will Graham (Played by Hugh Dancy). The contrast between the two characters is a real selling point of the series, here we have one man who fights the demons within him and another who fully accepts the monster he is. The series shows Hannibal as he should be seen a complex character who even though we know he is evil still performs the odd act of kindness, though maybe these serve his overall scheme, its yet to be seen. Playing Wills superior is Laurence Fishbourne, as usual a good solid performance in a commanding role.

Once again I would rather not say too much about the overall plot, because well I don’t like giving out spoilers. The series is wonderfully shot, with some brilliant sets. I The sets even add to the characters themselves with Will’s lecture room showing everyone sitting around him staring at him, something he feels every day and Hannibal’s office is dark yet shows a refined taste, owned by a man in control, because that’s what he is. I love the cast, the sets, the plot and even the music this show is quite dark but I feel this is needed to stay true to the original source material.

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