Resistance-Board Game Review

In the Resistance you play the roles of the aforementioned Resistance and the Spies.It is a game where players attempt to deduce one another’s identities, in an imagined battle between a resistance group and the spies infiltrating it. In the game a small, secret group of informed players attempt to disrupt a larger uninformed group, while the larger group attempts to identify the spies and eliminate them. The Resistance uses slightly different mechanics from similar games, and was designed to avoid player elimination and increase available information for player decisions.Its quick and easy to play, not that expensive either, if your having a few friends round I really suggest you grab a copy and play it.

The full contents of the game.

The full contents of the game.

A close up of all the cards

A close up of all the cards

There is a chance this will lead to arguments and fall outs between you and your friends, but everything’s always quickly forgotten especially when you start your next match.

Enjoy playing everyone


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