Defiance (2013) TV Series Review

So I have started watching Defiance, Syfy channel’s new show. At San Diego Comic con they went all out to advertise this show, turning a cafe into a Defiance themed restaurant for the week.


Set in the near future where several species of aliens, collectively known as The Votans have arrived on earth. We find out that they are refugees, fleeing from their now dead home worlds. Unable to live on earth, due to the previously unknown human presence and failed attempts at peace talks with us war breaks out. This war is known as the Pale war. At some point during the war, something went wrong on the Votan fleet causing their ships to crash to the earth. On board their ships was terraforming technology which was only meant to be carefully used, due to the random use of the technology  the world was forever scarred, mountains raised, species wiped out, new ones introduced, mutants born. In its opening monologue it states that no race is native to earth, because the earth we know no longer exists, its a fitting premise for the series, which is not set  many years after the end of the war.

The series focuses on the new sheriff in town. he has a lot to deal with, a rebellious daughter, corrupt officials and a possible relationship with the Madame of a brothel.

The series to me seems like a mash up of Eureka and DS9, two shows I loved but I’m not sure on this one. There is  a lot to take in in the first episode and I found the special effects and CGI to be a little sub power, though maybe they usually improve as the series progresses That’s my only real gripe with the series, everything else I have to say is positive having so many different alien races mixed in with already bickering humans its a melting pot, just a fun mix. The costumes and sets also remind me a little of firefly, that rugged frontier semi futuristic but still familiar, hopefully as the show progresses it wont loose that.

Another interesting concept is that tied in with the series is an MMO, while the series is set in St Loius the MMO is in San Francisco. this idea of blending TV and Games is unique it could be brilliant, fingers crossed it works out.

This whole project is a bold undertaking and I wish Syfy channel all the best in making it work.


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