Bus Girl – The Film that finally got me off my ass and back to work

I am a man who truly loves his food and if you have been following my site for a while you will know that I am quite the film buff. So when I was offered the chance to watch a short film set in a restaurant, that was written and directed by the wonderfully talented Jessica Yu-Li Henwick, who might I add also stars in it, well you know that this was a film I needed to see. 

At its core, Bus Girl is a film that many of us can relate to. The film follows June a university dropout, stuck cleaning tables at a high-end restaurant and arguing with her Chinese mother about her life prospects. But when she recognizes a Michelin critic at work, will she take the opportunity to test her skills?

Who doesn’t love a seize-the-moment film?

What is a seize-the-moment film?

Well think of Sylvester Stallone stepping into the ring in Rocky 2, Eminem taking the stage in 8 Mile, and George Mcfly standing up for himself at the end of Back to the Future. These are iconic moments that move the audience to smile and feel joy in a way that no other medium can make us feel. And in this film’s short run time, I can guarantee you that Bus Girl will have you feeling this way too. Layer all that in with a character who has clearly disappointed their parents and someone who is willing to risk it all just to follow their dream and you have a lead that many of us should aspire to be. (Incendetly Jessica and her main character June do have some traits in common, in that both dropped out of school to follow their passions)

Now many of you may recognize Jessica as not only was she the first actress of East Asian descent to play the lead role in a British television series, but she has made numerous appearances in projects such as Game of Thrones, Netflixes Marvel series (where she was definitely one of the highlights as Colleen Wing in Iron fist – seriously Disney can you not give us a Daughters of the Dragon series?), The Glass Onion and also the latest Matrix movie, where again she was one of the few highlights in a mess of a film. You may have spotted a running theme, Jessica tends to be outstanding in any project that she is in. And when she is not acting she is also writing, which I guess makes Bus Girl a wonderful showcase for all her skills. 

One thing that struck me about this film was that it was entirely filmed on Xiaomi series 11 phone, which further shows how artists are now coming into a time where they can create the films they want to. It is quite amazing the quality of cinematography that someone can create with limited means.

On a final note, I will also say that it was wonderful to see the delightful Evanna Lynch appear in this movie. And if that name sounds familiar it is because not only is she one of Ireland’s most avid Vegans but she is also the legendary Luna Lovegood.

If you want to watch a film that will not only inspire you but leave you with a cheeky, yet wholesome smile, this is the movie for you.


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