Marvel will have you Snapping along to this great tune

I have to say the advertising team for MARVEL SNAP really knows what they are doing. First, they brought Samuel L Jackson in to reprise his role as Nick Furry for their original advertisement and now they have recruited Martin Garrix and JVKE to record quite a catchy tune, one that comes complete with a gorgeous music video showcasing some of Marvel Comics most iconic couples.

Firstly, the song is catchy as hell, I am unfamiliar with Martin Garrix and JVKE but I am not officially a fan of both and have downloaded a few of their tracks, but as much as I love the track it is the music video that we are all here for.

The animation is utterly gorgeous and jumps between different styles showcasing some of Marvel’s most iconic romances with Black Panther/Storm, Rogue/Gambit, Angela/Valkyrie, and Mr Fantastic/ The Invisible Women all looking amazing. But my favourite couples in this video are Daredevil and Electra who are shown in a 16 Bit style of animation and Spider-Man and Mary Jane both shown in this adorable cute animated style.

It is just a bit of fun, so this may not be for everyone but try not to judge it too harshly.
And by the way, if you have a chance try out the new Marvel Snap game, this may be a silly free card game but OMG is it so much fun. The first few levels can be a bit tedious but once you start to build and customize your own deck it becomes so accessible. Especially if you are like me and like to have an army of low cost cards that all pump each other up. Anyway I am getting distracted here the song is great and the game is fun, please go enjoy.

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