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Peachmilky Brings Another Iconic Character to life

Peachmilky continues to show off why she is one of the best cosplayers out there. This time by bringing to life another iconic character. That’s right folks for this month only, exclusively on her Patreon, you can see this Irish Rose bring the legendary 2B to life.

2B is the protagonist of Nier: Automata. This genera breaking / genera defining game from 2017 is set during a long drawn out war. One that is fought between alien-created machines and human-crafted androids. The game follows android 2B, as well as others, as they delve into this barren yet deeply philosophical world. At least that is as much as I feel like saying without spoiling anything. In short amazing story, with multiple endings and amazingly fun and intuitive game play.

2B instantly became one of the world’s most recognisable and beloved video game characters. I guess there is a fan base for a beautiful woman, In little black dresses welding giant swords – who knew?

If you take even the most cursory glance at 2B you can easily see that this is a character that Peach was made to cosplay. Similar figures and both have great style, it is a match made in cosplay heaven. Also as a bonus Peachmilky will be doing this alongside Blluist who will be cosplaying the android 9S.

If you want to see more I suggest going to follow them on Social media or subscribing to Peachmilkys Patreon.

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