The real reason why you should be annoyed over this Amouranth situation

As soon as I heard the news that Amouranth came out and said her husband abused her I was a little sceptical, but then I began to read up on the story and my opinion dramatically shifted.

Without a doubt this abuse really happened, if you doubt her remember she has the evidence to prove it. If you were sceptical at first that is totally fine, when they say Believe Women, it is not that we should blindly believe every woman it is that we should give them the benefit of the doubt. (Just remember this does not benefit her in any way)

And as I have already said, she has evidence to back up her claims.

The man she loved threatened to kill her pets, threatened to cut off the majority of her money, called her stupid, forced her work insane hours, forced her to do more hot tub streams and generally treated her like a servant.

Fortunately it seems that the majority of the internet has come round to the fact that Amouranth was in an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately there seems to be a small portion of the internet that seems to have taken offence to the entire situation.

So how are they offended?

Well any one with common sense would be upset that a fellow human was essentially being pimped out online, but no, not these pricks, it seems for many they feel conned by Amouranth.

Many seem to feel annoyed that Amouranth did not disclose that she was in a committed relationship.

Sorry guys why did you think she was single?

She is beautiful, has a wicked sense of self-deprecating comedy, earns a lot, enjoys gaming and is a twenty first century sex icon. Why is anyone shocked that she is taken?

Besides even if she was single, did these muppets actually think she was going to hunt through her subscribers and pick them and run off into the sunset with her new found simp?

Seriously if you are offended that she hid her marriage then you are not a true fan and need to get a grip on reality!!!

But the hate train did not stop there, the next up were the victim blamers. The people out there who think she did this to herself.

And I cannot believe I need to say this, her partner made her behave this way, so no this is not her fault, and even if that wasn’t the case I would not blame her.

Meanwhile others are just making sick jokes about this.

I know I try to keep this place light, but domestic abuse is never funny. And making jokes about will never be right, if you have lived through if you will know what I mean. And I am sorry if you think you have been scammed, but if that is the case then please hate her husband, as he made her do it. Finally I am also sorry if you think she deserved this, because no one deserves this.

For what its worth I hope this is a new and brilliant start for Amouranth.

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