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David S Pumpkin’s is BACK !!!

Showing my age here but I have no idea who Jack Harlow is, so my intention was to skip this week’s Saturday Night Live. But then I saw a clip for the return of a true horror icon, the one, the only David Pumpkins.

If you are unfamiliar with the character, he appeared in an original sketch a few years ago played by Tom Hanks. The sketch involved a couple on a horror themed ride being annoyed by Hanks in a pumpkin themed suit with two skeleton B-boys. It’s utterly ridiculous but Hanks makes it funny.

The new version of the skit is set in a prison filled with horror icons such as Freddy Krueger, Annabelle and Michael Myers but also David Pumpkins.

The skit is predictable but it still works, again mostly down to Tom Hanks. Other positives are the continued building of the lore around David Pumpkins, we now know he is from Ibiza and the fact that Jack Harlows character had the most realistic response and wanted more David Pumpkins.

Let’s face it David Pumpkins is what the world needs right now.

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