Watch as this Cosplayer brings an Iconic Avatar look to life

From the moment I started watching Avatar The Last Airbender I was completely hooked. Yes it was a “kids show” but I maintain that from the last two episodes of the first season onwards the show just goes from strength to strength and becomes a classic adventure series. Which is where I come to one of my favourite arcs in the series, the first half of season three.

This is where our intrepid heroes infiltrate the Fire Nation and along the way they grab some new disguises, so they might blend in better. This was a refreshing change of pace for the show as it let the characters truly get out of their comfort zone. Cosplayer/Streamer/Youtuber Lea Martinez decided to pay their respects to this part of the series by perfectly recreating Katara’s fire nation costume.

Firstly I just love how she managed to get a picture by the sea as the scenery on the rocks here looks like something straight out of the Fire Nation.

If you are a fan of The Last Airbender then you will have to agree that this cosplay is 100% on point.

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