Could Wakanda Forever be the MCU’s next huge success?

The new Wakanda Forever trailer not only teases a deep and inspirational continuation to the saga of the Black Panther, but it also looks to have redeemed the MCU. And if all that was not enough this movie has pulled off a miracle by somehow having Namor’s little ankle wings look impressive.

The follow up to Black Panther is going to come with a lot of baggage and it looks like the cast and crew have risen to the challenge of honoring the legacy of the much beloved Chadwick Boseman.

I know it has been controversial, but I do love the change for Namor where he now has a Mesoamerican origin. Not only does this allow the MCU to differ drastically from Aquaman but it also adds an aesthetic we hardly ever see in modern media.

Finally the first look at the new Black Panther costume and Riri Williams suit – neither of them look like they are going to leave us bored.

This looks like a sequel that could rival the brilliance of the original.

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