Clerks III is Exactly What I Need in my Life

As I aged I may have grown apart from my neighbor Johnathan but for all the faults that that friendship had, and there where many, one thing I can be thankful for his a love of Kevin Smith that is still with me 22years after seeing his movies for the first time

I’ve liked some entries more than others, but being the self hating smart ass that I am I’ve always been drawn to Dante and Randal in the Clerk’s series.

If you are unfamiliar with these two, pretty much they are two very nerdy guys who over the course of two films, a short movie and a six episode cartoon series have shown a surprisingly large amount of growth.

Their latest film looks like it is going to continue this trend.

This time round the film goes full on meta and has Randal take on the role of Kevin Smith and after a heart attack decides to create a film based on his time working in a grocery store in New Jersey.

If you know much about Kevin Smith then you will know that this is going to be a very personal film for him.

But it’s not going to be too serious as the film will have a lot of recurring actors from Smith’s previous films, references to his older movies – including the original Clerks ending and of course Jay and his hetro life mate Silent Bob. Long story short I will be watching this movie.

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