Our 10 Favourite LGBTQIA+ TV Couples

Pride is all about love so here at Nerdgeist we want to spread some more. Following on from our article about our favourite LGBTQIA+ characters, we’ve created a list of our top 10 favourite LGBTQIA+ couples.  

Holt and Kevin – Brooklyn Nine Nine 



The two dads of the 99 – Holt and Kevin were the perfect example of a mature and healthy relationship. They had been together since before the show so were already an established couple and with the exception of their brief separation in season 7 (which broke audience hearts) they were completely drama free. Thankfully, these two got the truly happy ending they deserved.  

Dani & Jamie – The Haunting of Bly Manor 


Dani and Jamie’s relationship was the light in a truly dark show. What was meant to be a ghost story, soon turned into a love story for these two. They were sweet and endearing with each other and fans really resonated with them. Although they didn’t have long together, the time they spent with each other was filled with happiness and love. And in the end, that’s all anyone can ask for.  

 David & Patrick – Schitt’s Creek

As soon as Patrick walked in, the chemistry between him and David sizzled. Despite starting off slow due to David being the first man Patrick dated, and David’s general relationship fears – the couple went from strength to strength. They helped each other grow as partners and individuals. Plus, the moment that Patrick serenaded David with “Simply The Best”? Heart-warming.  

Willow & Tara – Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Tara falling in love with Willow helped her not only realise her sexuality but also increased her confidence as a woman and a witch. In return, Willow brought the very shy Tara out of her shell and introduced her to the Scooby Gang giving her a family when hers turned her back on her. They were only together for 2 seasons but went through a lot including Tara’s sanity being stolen by Glory, and Willow’s magic addiction. However, these things only made their relationship stronger and watching them was pure joy.  Unfortunately, these two didn’t get their happy ending as Tara was killed off at the end of season 6. 20 years later, we’re still not over it.  

Paul & Hugh – Star Trek Discovery

No couple on this list has been through more than these two. Their relationship has seen such tragedy, yet their love has gotten them past it all. They are the strongest couple on the show and have become father figures to others inspiring them to live as their authentic selves. But this is Star Trek Discovery so danger is just around the corner – here’s hoping the crew protects them at all costs.  

Barbara & Tabitha – Gotham 


These two were on again/off again more than a light switch. Tabitha even killed Barbara – although they did make up when she was resurrected. The relationship was definitely toxic, but it sure was fun to watch. They gave us a lot of comedy and glamour, and when they were a couple they were at their most badass. We all knew that they wouldn’t end up together but it was great while it lasted.  

Darryl & White Josh – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 


Like Barbara and Tabitha, these two didn’t end up together. However, we were very sad at this one as we truly think they should’ve been endgame. Josh helped Darryl realise his bisexuality and what followed was a truly brilliant relationship. Josh’s sensible and reliable nature perfectly complemented Darryl’s quirky and goofy personality which gave the partnership a great balance. The break-up was warranted as Darryl wanted a child and Josh didn’t but we’re still hoping they found their way back to each other in the future.  

  Elida & Amae – Vagrant Queen 


Some may argue that these two shouldn’t count as they weren’t an official couple on the show. However, they did share a kiss and the pair were definitely heading towards a relationship if the series hadn’t been unfortunately cancelled. Elida and Amae were definitely a slow burner, however their flirting and chemistry was so obvious and intense. The gradual build-up was definitely worth the pay off – we just wish we’d gotten to see more of them.  

Eric & Adam – Sex Education

Eric and Adam started off as adversaries due to Adam’s horrible behaviour towards him. But there always seemed to be a spark between them and what started off as hate developed towards love. A lot of their relationship has involved Eric helping Adam come to terms with his sexuality and the journey has been amazing to watch. But Adam has also grown to be a compassionate and caring partner towards Eric. Right now they’re broken up but here’s hoping they get brought back together in season 4.  

TK & Carlos – 911 Lone Star

911 Lone Star is a stressful show so the relationship between TK and Carlos is a welcome break from all the action. TK has been through a lot and Carlos is the one constant in his life. Even when they break up, Carlos still shows his concern and love for him. They manage to portray a perfect balance of passion and romance – which is why they’re such fan favourites. The end of season 3 sees TK propose to Carlos which overjoyed viewers. We can’t wait for the wedding.  

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