Pixie Late Goes Full My Dress Up Darling

This is one anime that I am way behind on, like I have only watched one episode. Yet unless you have been living under a rock you will have noticed that My Dress-Up Darling is one of the world’s most popular animes.

As with any popular anime there comes cosplay, lots of cosplay. And one of the latest cosplayers to take on Marin, one of the series main characters, is Pixie Late. Pixie teased her latest cosplay with this Instagram post.

The series premise is as follows:

Wakana Gojo is a first-year high school student who dreams of becoming a hina doll craftsman. One day during his first semester, his popular classmate Marin Kitagawa sees him making doll costumes in the school’s sewing room. Kitagawa, who has wanted to cosplay for a while and has observed Gojo’s skill in sewing, asks him to create the costume of a character from a video game that she adores. Even though Gojo has no experience making a costume on a human scale, he is inspired by Kitagawa’s tenacity and agrees to make one for her.

Marin is a fun energetic otaku, who is characterized to have a great sense of her own style. Which fans of Pixie Late would agree makes her the perfect fit for a Marin cosplay.

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