Luxlocosplay Is Back With More Persona 5

In what feels like an eternity ago I once proclaimed that Luxlocosplay was the Queen of Persona 5 cosplay. And  I thought she was done cosplaying as the characters from the game, after all, who was left for her to cosplay as…

Well, it seems I was delightfully wrong.

In her newest Persona 5 post, the talented veteran cosplayer has come out as Tae Takemi. Tae Takemi is one of the player confidants in Persona 5, she is a back-alley doctor who owns a clinic in Yongen-Jaya, not far from your home. Throughout the game, you can repeatedly visit her to gain useful medicines that will help you in your battles.

But this beautiful Cosplayer has taken this costume one step further…

I think there will be a lot of Persona 5 fans knowing who they want to spend Valentine’s with this year.

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