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Dynamite: Sheena: Queen of The Jungle #2

If I said that I had been eagerly awaiting this release, it would be the understatement of the year. To bring you all up to speed Issue One of this series saw our fearsome protagonist, be strong-armed into entering a massive biodome and finding out what has gone wrong in it. Sheena quickly establishes what the root cause of the problem is and wastes no time proving to the readers why she is now and always will be the Queen of the Jungle.


Going into this I thought the series was going to be something along the lines of Predator with Sheena being stalked by a massive and deadly beast. Yet it seems writer Stephen Mooney wants to take his run on Sheena down a different path, perhaps one that is a little more subtle and less obvious, and this is something I am very curious about. 

As characters go this series has taken Sheena someone who was created as a male fantasy and really made her, her own woman. She is strong, powerful, deadly, yet feminine and not in a sexual way but I mean at her core. She is a lot of things and to me, it seems that there is more to come. Basically, issue Two hints at so much more to come and I can just feel those hooks sinking in deeper. But Sheena is not the only strong woman here, her main antagonist seems to be every bit her equal, just with a different skill set. Either way both a re a great drawn to this comic. 

And what would this medium be without its art, Jethro Morales truly shines in creating this amazing jungle location.  It is chopped full of vibrancy and life, then there is the beast whom our heroine seeks, the idea of a giant glowing red/orange jungle cat may sound ridiculous, but here it is both terrifying and majestic. Even the combat scenes are just perfect, each has such a great flow, and never once do they become gratuitous. 

So, if this sounds like your kind of read then rejoice because the book is on sale from the 15th of December 2021.


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