Watch As Nic Cage Plays Nic Cage

This film has been sold to me as the most Nic Cage I have ever seen and fuck me I wanna see it !!!

The film is pure Novo Shamanic and I am down for it. (If you do not know what that is then you are not a real Nic Cage Fan)

As someone who loves Leaving Las Vegas, Ghost Rider, Con Air, The Rock, National Treasure, National Treasure 2, Raising Arizona, Gone in 60 seconds, Mandy, The Croods, Kick-Ass, and Into the Spiderverse, you just know I need to see this movie. Because if you have not guessed it I love Nic cage movies, the man just brings an energy to each performance that most other actors would not dare to do.

Plus the guy is cool as fuck.

This movie sees Nic Cage, play Nic Cage and he is hired by his biggest fan, played by Pedro Pascal, to hang out with him. Basically, hijinx ensue and I am jealous as hell.

This film is exactly what I need in my life right now. 

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