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Dynamite: KISS: Phantom Obsession #4

Are you ready to read issue four of one of the most rocking comic book series ever written?

If the answer is yes then sit back and grab yourself a copy of KISS: Phantom Obsession #4 by Ian Edgintion.

This issue sees are cosmically powered heroes not only taking on a horde of mutants but also a squad of android samurai, ones that have been built with alien tech. So you know it is just a day in the life of one of music’s most legendary bands. Now if you are looking for a chill relaxing read, then this is not the book for you, this one is full throttle and I am loving it. Though it is building to something, so this issue is light on exposition, which can be easily forgiven. One minor note I will make is that as much as I am loving KISS in this series, they are a great mix of comedy and manliness, I am really enjoying the character of Miss Tzen, she has been such a welcome addition to the team and it looks like the next issue will be hers.

As always Celor has really been on point with the art and I in particular love their designs for the mutants, which are just freaky and so uncomfortable to look at. 

I know I have said this a lot but there really is no other book like this on the market, so seriously check it out, because it goes on sale this Wednesday the 15th of December 2021.

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