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Dynamite: Vampiverse #4

It has been four issues yet so much has happened, and I know this makes me greedy but I still want more.

To catch you up on this wonderful series, brought to us by Thomas Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson. Vampiverse sees an evil Vampirella travel to alternate realities in order to kill an alternate version of herself so that she can become more powerful and eventually slay God. Things were going well for her but now she is being opposed by a rag-tag group of Vampirella’s who will stop at nothing to defeat her. Think of it as a series that takes the best concepts of Jet Li’s The One and mixes it with Into the Spiderverse to create something superior to both.

And if that is your cup of tea then I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy. But if you still need convincing then stick around but I warn you, there might be some light spoilers.

Before I get into the plot I must give some serious compliments to Damiel Maine. It cannot be easy working on art for a series where the main characters are all the same person. Yet each Vampirella has such a wonderful and unique style with my favourites being our secret agent cult bashing Vampirella from Issues 3 and of course the giant Kaiju Vampirella introduced in this issue. Yes you heard me right Issue four has a Kaiju Vampirella in it and it is glorious.

Me when I see Vampzilla


It is hard for me to really explain why I love this series so much. I guess it’s because it covers so many genres, it has a certain level of self-awareness, it is not afraid to get serious and I just love watching Vampirella kick ass. If you are unfamiliar with the character I think this is a great series to get to know her. Not only do you see her be the big goddam hero, but you get these amazing action scenes that are never gratuitous and you always come away wanting more.

Oh before I forget this latest issue has Dinosaurs too.

What else could you want?

And if you like what I have said then go grab yourself an issue !!!


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