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Dynamite: KISS: Phantom Obsession #3

I cannot stress how much I love this series.  You might say “I was made for loving it” – ok that was a terrible KISS joke but I will not apologize for it. To sum it up the series see’s the members of KISS receive cosmic powers and then have to battle their way out of a billionaire’s death maze.

So that is a very brief summary and not entirely accurate, but it is safe to say that Ian Edginton has truly crafted a unique and awesome story, one that really is worth checking out. And on that note, there will be a spoiler warning in place. 

This issue picks up with KISS taking on and battling a group of Kaiju. You have a parody of Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla, Ghidora, and some sort of cyborg Gorilla vs a Super-Powered KISS. Those monsters never stood a chance. After this phase, the band quickly moves onto the next “zone” where it looks like they will be battling a group of robotic samurai. Yes, the next issue will be epic.

I am also loving the overall villain of this series, there is nothing quite like an eccentric billionaire genius, they are always entertaining to have as an antagonist. And what I adore about this one is his genuine sense of whimsey and even delight when he has setbacks. It just makes him fun.

As always Celor has done an amazing job with the art and everything looks so smooth and polished it is as close to perfect as it can be. 

If winter 2021 has you down in the dumps then this series will be the perfect thing to pick you up. This is a series that really encompasses some of the best ideals of this medium.

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