Linda Le To Host The First Ever Gundam Base In North America

Finding out that Linda Le aka Vampybitme aka Mecha Maiden is hosting the first-ever Gundam base outside of Asia, is like rediscovering chocolate and peanut butter, they are just two things that go together perfectly.

If you are somehow unfamiliar with Gundam Base and Linda Le then allow me to fill you in.

Gundam Base is a specialist store dedicated to all things Gundam. Though they have appeared in Taiwan and Thailand the most famous ones are in Tokyo including the massive one at Diver City.

As for Linda Le, she is an artist, gamer, costume designer, and Gundam Fanatic with a legion of fans. And if you follow her on social media you will see that she is usually surrounding herself with Gundam loot, dressed as a Gundam or just building them.


She will be hosting the Gundam Base pop-up at the upcoming Special San Diego Comic-Con which takes place from the 26th to the 28th of November this year.

This truly is a match made in heaven.

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