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Dynamite: Bettie Page: Curse of the Banshee #5

I am a little sad to see this series end, but from start to finish it has been a fantastic ride. The book has been a wonderous mix of history and fantasy, making it a truly unique read. 

Now when last we left Bettie she was comatose and being tormented by the Banshee, but now it is time for the tables to turn.

If you are a fan of the supernatural then this particular issue will be an absolute highlight for you. It delves deep into the story’s internal lore, giving us an idea of how powerful the Banshee really is and why she wants Bettie to join her. While speaking about the Banshee this book does a great job helping humanize our villain. In fact, these last couple of issues have taken her from a one-dimensional, yet terrifying enemy into someone who is completely sympathetic. 

And as much as I love the A Plot the B Plot was my highlight. Watching a bunch of Irish cops come face to face with then go up against zombies was an utter joy for me. My only critique of that is that I did not see more of it.

As soon as this comes out as a single collected book I will be buying it. Stephen Mooney went above and beyond with this one, bringing a piece of my homeland into the comics world and treating it the way only an Irish person could. Not only that but he was able to insert the one and only Bettie Page into Ireland in a way that was just wonderful.

I wish I could say more but I do not want to spoil this for anyone. If you are interested Bettie Page: Curse of the Banshee #5 is on sale as of 20/10/2021.


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