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Dynamite: Vampiverse #2

If you have been following our site for a while you will know that we are huge fans of Vampirella, in fact, I believe our first Dynamite review was a Vampirella book. So you might say that she holds a special place in our hearts. I guess that is why Thomas Sniegoski and Jeannine Acheson’s Vampiverse really speaks to us. It has taken something we loved, Vampirella, and gave us a hell of a lot more of it.

Issue two continues the pattern of being meta, but as with issue one is not played for laughs, but instead quite serious. Though there is at least one little fun easter egg in there. Right off the bat, this series is dark, but it avoids being gritty and instead focuses on the action, making this quite an intense read. Issue two does a lot to advance the plot, we finally know who the villain is and though she is downright evil, we can see where she came from and why that would be. In fact, I am wondering if she has some twisted logic in her head that makes her think she is the hero of this tale. 

Issue two also brings us to an alternate reality, one that is Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead but starring Vampirella. With two different worlds being shown here artists, Daniel Maine really has a chance to shine. Mix that with colours by Francesca Cittarell and you have a book that you will just want to go back over and over again, because it looks so dam good.

I love this series because I just do not know where it is going to go.

It is such a unique gem and one I hope you will grab a copy of. If you are interested it will be on sale from the 13th of October 2021.

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