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Dynamite: Purgatori (Vol. 2) #1

Oh how I have waited for this book. If any of you have been following this site you will know that I was a huge fan of Vampirella Vs. Purgatori, the series that really got me into all things Vampirella so when I heard that Dynamite was doing a new Purgatori series you dam well know that I had to check this out and see what this demonic dame was up to. 

This book picks up shortly after the adventures of Vampirella Vs. Purgatori and Purgatori is basking in her victory, only all does not seem to be as it should be. It seems that this book is bringing up the old adage of what goes up must come down. If you did not read the previous series then I will fill you in Purgatori is now a god and once one has reached that level you cannot go any further, plus it does put an extra-large target on your back.

And that target is what the series deals with. Purgatori has some new enemies and they want what she has. 

We do not know much about her enemies, other than they are a group of witches, ones whose motivations are all too easy to understand, but they serve a higher power, one that looks oddly familiar. I guess we will have to keep reading to find out more…

This does look like it is going to be an interesting series and one I cannot wait to read more of.


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