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Dynamite: Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #28

This one was a real surprise and such a joy to read. Issue 28 see’s Sonja come to the end of her quest. Now if you have forgotten Sonja has been recruited to do the minor task of saving a kingdom from a conquering army, you know a basic job that anyone could do…

Due to the nature of this issue it has been hard to talk about it while avoiding spoilers so sorry in advance if this review is a tad light. Seriously the book is on sale as of the 23rd June 2021 you are best just grabbing yourself a copy, because words will not do this one justice.

Right off the bat this issue does not fuck around. In fact, it pretty much in no uncertain terms tells us what is going to happen and somehow that just makes it all the better. Luke Lieberman has done a great job with this series and this issue just shows it perfectly, ending stories can be difficult but Lieberman makes this look effortless. Of course this book and by extension this series is more than the words and plot a lot of its success is owed to the art of Drew Moss and Vincenzo Federici with colourist Dearbhla Kelly helping bringing it all to life.

So, what is so good about it?

Personally, I found issue 28 appealing that it went a very unexpected route and instead took a much more subtle approach, while still giving me enough action to sate by bloodlust.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I guess you will just have to read this one to find out. But if you like the idea of seeing a deadly warrior women kick ass while making a few great quips, while two leaders wax philosophical then you are going to love this release. 

You can really tell that this has been a labour of love and I cannot wait to see what adventures await Red Sonja next.

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