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Dynamite: Vengeance Of Vamperella Issue 19 Review

When last we left Vampirella, she had just confronted Nyx and when I say all hell was about to break loose, I am not being hyperbolic. Nyx had gone full demon, donning a bloody armour and spreading her bestial wings, not only that but there was now an army of monstrous creatures taking to the streets. This left our brave heroes with one option and that was to fight to the death.

Warning there will be some spoilers ahead.

The issues mostly cover Vampirella and Nyx battling it out and the fight is awesome. Whether it be in the sky or the ground these two women give as good as they get. And for how great this is I feel we need a big shout out to Artist Michael Sta Maria for his work here. Reading an issue that is mostly one giant fight can often be quite dull but at no point was this boring, from start to finish it was a pure joy to go through. Of course Michael’s art was taken up an extra peg by colourist Omi Remalante Jr, which just goes to show it really does take a team work to make the dream work.

This book fits in perfectly with the narrative that Thomas Sniegoski has been crafting. At times it is violent, while at others it is brooding yet under it all there is hope. And this is going to sound crazy but after the last 18 months I think stories with hope are something we all need.

Even though it is a book that talks about the very nature of existence and has a battle for the fate of the world, this one is surprisingly grounded in its themes and it makes more accessible that one might think.

If you are interested in reading this book then head down to your local comic book store or buy it online as it will be available from the 23rd of June 2021.

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