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Dynamite: Vampirella 1992 One-Shot

The Vampirella 1992 one shot is truly a beast like no other. First off this book is set in 1992 and writer Max Bemis has filled the publication with a quite a few subtle and a few more not so subtle references to the 1990’s. Even the way the book and dialogue are written it comes off with a very 1990’s feel. This may be off putting to some people but I find It is part of the stories charm.

So, you are probably wondering what is this one about?

I really do not want to say much because well it would give the plot away.

But let’s just say three “Booth Babes” (It is something that used to happen a lot at conventions), while working at a convention, have a really weird day. A day filled with gun toting maniacs, demon dogs, divine intervention and snot nosed nerdy brats. So, if this sounds like your jam, I would recommend that you check it out and if you need any more convincing then look no further because I have been saving the best till last.

The absolute highlight of this release is the art. Roberto Castro and Marcos Ramos have truly outdone themselves. Every part of this book is jam packed full or action and colour. There is zero wasted space and every panel is utterly teaming with explosive life. This is how you do comic books and this is just a fantastic if not bizarre read. But as it is 2021 I think we are all in need of the utterly fantastical and weird.

If I was to elevator pitch this to you I would say think The Crow, but sexier and more light hearted.

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