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Vampirella: Dark Powers #5

Since I discovered Vamperellas modern comics I have become a firm covert and just cannot get enough of them, but this one in particular stuck out to me. The moment I saw that the writer was Dan Abnett is the moment I knew I had to read this.

If you are not familiar with Abnetts work then I high recommend Gaunts Ghost and the early Horus Heresey books all from the Black Library. Though he has also done a lot of work for both Marvel and DC too, so it is likely that you have seen his work at some point. But here in Vamperella The: Dark Powers he truly shines.

Vamperella’s time with the project is not going so well. The Earth she was assigned to protect is going to hell and her mentor thinks she is the source of all of its problems. Vamperella does what any fledgling superhero would do, she suits up and kicks some serious ass.

For a book which is literally dealing with the end of a world it is surprisingly personal as it see’s Vamperella and Black Terror battle it out as she begs him to hear reason. All the while we know what she is thinking and how she is desperately trying to be the good guy.

It all comes to a head in quite an interesting confrontation. Especially since it turns out there is one women in Dynamites roster of characters who has seen more darkness than Vamperella herself. This is truly unique take on the character and one I am really enjoying. 

If you are looking to grab a copy then you are going to have to wait till  04/14/2021.



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