Square Are Really Trying To Push Us With FF7 Remake Intergrade

I am in two camps about this one. On one hand I find it a little annoying that we are being forced to get another copy of FF7 Remake. But on the other I am happy that it will not be full priced and will come with a whole host of improvements, features and even a new campaign to play through. 

First up there is a massive graphical overhaul where everything is just that little bit better. It is a minor touch but with improved lighting, fog and just all round upgrade on everything you will find this as a much more impressive experience.

Secondly there is now a photo mode. This may sound stupid but in the original release of FF7 Remake I did pause on multiple occasions to grab a few screen shots, but they never turned out quite right. This new mode will allow players to pause, rotate and adjust the photos and seriously who does not want that?

Thirdly Integrade will take full advantage of the PS5’s improved load times. In fact you might think your playing FFXIII because these loads times will be lightning…

There will also be a new Normal Classic mode to play on. 

Finally the big draw for this is the addition of Yuffie Kisaragi. In the original game Yuffie Kisaragi was an optional character. The development team did not have enough time to finish her and flesh her story out so they made her optional and chose to further expand on her backstory in future games of the series. This time round she is being given her own campaign that will happen separate of the main games story. The game will even come with a brand new character to assist Yuffie. 

I have seen some mixed news on what it means if you own  Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PlayStation 4. Some say Intergrade will be free if you buy a PS5 others say there will be a nominal charge(It has been confirmed that to access the Yuffie content you will definitely need to pay). But no matter what you will be able to bring over all the data from your original play through, although Square  has informed players a PlayStation 5 with a disc-drive is required to upgrade from a physical PS4 copy. If you are just jumping into world of Final Fantasy for the first time you can still get a copy of this for the PS5 but then you will be paying full price.

As much as I am in two camps over this, I think we all know that I will end up purchasing the game.





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