Who Knew I Needed More Mighty Ducks In My life

Dear Disney I do not believe that I gave you permission to make me have the feels this much in January. 

I grew up watching the Mighty Ducks films, I remember seeing the first two in the cinema, I even remember renting all three from my local video store. Watching the cartoon series – though not sure if that is a good thing and like 6 years ago sitting down with my friends to get drunk and rewatch the second movie. This franchise is an integral part of my childhood and it looks like Disney are going to bring it back and do it some justice.

Right off the bat I am glad to see Lauren Graham in this series, she is a fantastic actress and so glad to see more of her, but for me I was more excited to see Emilio Estevez. That appearance had me like:

Having him back just completes this for me.

The plot is set years later where the Mighty Ducks team is now top of their league. The current crop of players are snooty and overly picky – ironically this is what led to the formation of a team like the Ducks originally and yet again we see history repeating where coach Gordon Bombay comes out of retirement to train up a new team.

I am getting some serious nostalgia vibes and I love it.

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