Another Great Performance From Benedict Cumberbatch

The Courier tells the  story of  Greville Wynne, one that I had never heard of, though is utterly fascinating. Wynne was one of M16’s top assets during the Cold War, he would make frequent legal trips to the Soviet Union where he would meet with Oleg Penkovsky and gain valuable incite into the workings of the Soviet Union. Oleg Penkovsky was the man who made NATO aware of missile silos being built on Cuba, so as historical figures go, he is kind of a big deal.

The Courier retells the story of Wynne and Penkovsky – with taking more than a few liberties such as swapping out MI6 for the CIA, which is more than a little odd. But still it keeps the core of the story.

I can barely leave my home, so you know what a good old fashioned cold war thriller might be exactly what I need these days.

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