Nerd Bites

I Am Not Burned Out Just Yet

January has been one hell of a month, 2021 is shaping up to be as bad as 2020 but if anyone could have told me that the final days of January would be made bearable by a collection of Bernie Sanders memes I would have called you crazy, yet here we are.

Since the initial meme came out he has been added into so many famous movie scenes

He now finds himself hanging with Joe Exotic, piloting the Megazord and even revealed to be Doctor Claw.

And for some reason he has been paired up with Cara Delevingne on numerous occasions.


Of course The Young Turks would get involved.

Once again he has managed to infiltrate another more famous meme and make it his own.

But the fun does not stop there he now appears on the covers of a few famous books, including the Wheel of Time.


And with the News, Books, Films and Tv of course he was going to join the world of music, with the BTS crossover being my particular favorite.

What politician does not love a good fight?

This one was a little dark, though far from the worst.

Oh look here is again, this time in one of my all time favorite video games.

And finally this magnificent masterpiece…

The worst bit is, I still have more, a lot more…


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