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Drew And Look Explores The “Glory” Of Baywatch Nights

This is a real oddity few may remember this series, but you will all be aware of the show that Spawned it.

From the moment you hear those opening bars you are ready for the smooth and sexy singing that only Peter Cetera can bring, in comes the sweeping shots and quick cuts, its time for Baywatch. In its 11 season run we got to see the trials and tribulations of California’s sexiest life guards, but it didn’t stop there. The fans where treated to 3 made for Tv movies, multiple crossovers, a mediocre reboot and two spinoffs. Baywatch Hawaii and Baywatch Nights, both lasting only two seasons.

As you might of guessed today we are going to be talking about the latter of those two shows. Baywatch nights season 1 see’s The Hoff and his cop buddy form a P.1. Business and it is pretty unremarkable. It is not terrible, but not brilliant. Unfortunately this was the 90’s shows like this where a dime a dozen. It needed something to be truly brilliant…

Around this time a plucky little show called the X-Files happened to be doing well and the powers that be had a bold idea. They where going to rebrand and the Hoff was going to take on the Supernatural.

Now before you all judge, such a shift was not unheard of. Dark Shadows was a normal Soap Opera until the addition of a Vampire lead to its metamorphosis into one of the most beloved shows of its time. So why not try the same with Baywatch?

Sadly the format shift did not take, but still it was a valiant effort and it helped produce something that was truly, odd yet charming.

I think Drew and Look put it best when they say that due to lock down we all have nothing better to do so why not watch it?

So check out the Podcast out if you are interested.

It is a fun show and one that is seriously underrated. It is not brilliant, but it is must see Tv. So I hope you give this one a go.


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