Our Friend Looks Like It Is Going To Be An Emotional Roller Coaster

There have been a few trailers released this year that really spoke to me, this is one that you can add to that list. Our Friend is about Nicole and Matthew Teague, who when faced with Nicole’s impending death, see their best friend move in to help them out.

The three leads seem so perfectly balanced in this film. Dakota Johnson has a certain earnest appeal about her that is just hard to shake, Casey Affleck has the acting chops to bring the drama and of course you have Jason Segel, he just comes off as someone who it would be so easy to be friends with. I get that is part of acting, but he has a certain dorky charm that he just oozes and it really lends itself to this movie.

Like I said it is going to be an emotional roller coaster, but that is a good thing. Just you might want to keep a few tissues at the ready because you are probably going to cry.

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