Peninsula Is The Perfect Movie For 2020

It is 2020 and the world is going to hell so why not watch a movie that perfectly matches it.

First off before we begin Peninsula is the continuation of the story from Train to Busan. Though you do not need to see one to watch the other. Think of them as companion pieces, both enhancing the experience of the other. Where as Train To Busan was set during the opening hours of a Zombie Outbreak, Peninsula is set four years later. In a world where South Korea has fallen and only the daring and desperate would choose to live there.

The plot is as follows:

Four years after South Korea is overrun by a zombie horde. A small band of Koreans living in exile on the rough streets of Hong Kong decide to risk it all and try and sneak $20,000,000 out of their now dead home. The only problem is they soon realise there are things worse than the living dead to contend with.

If you want a reason to Peninsula then think of it as a health mix between the Walking Dead, a Heist Movie, Mad Max, and Korea . And that is all I will say before I get into the realm of spoilers, so yes, you have been warned.

Now for why this is the perfect movie for 2020?

Right off the bat this movie sends shivers up my spine, and not because of the zombies. No what freaked me out the most was how the Korean people where treated four years after the zombie outbreak. They are shunned and treated as carriers for this deadly infection. Just like how many Asian people have been treated in Western Nations due to Covid-19. It was kind of freaky and I have to wonder was this on purpose, or just a coincidence, it bears further investigation. Still watching it, I could not help but think, that yes humans could and would treat other humans like this.

The second reason why I think this film is perfect for 2020 is that it shows how terrible humans really can be. This year has been a shitty year and certain selfish people have made it worse for everyone. Watching how the villains of this movie treat those around them, well you can not really call it unlikely because it really isn’t. Peninsula reminds us how small minded and greedy we can truly be.

Reason number three, is that this film lacks romance.

You might be wondering why I am happy about this?

Well I am happy because we do not always need romance. I hate that Hollywood always has the big god dam hero swoop in and get the girl. Maybe sometimes the girl does not want to be saved and maybe sometimes she is to busy for a man. And this films shows this perfectly with Lee Jung-hyun capturing the image of badass mom. Seriously she ends up being on the same level of awesome as Sarah Connor. This is a women who does not need saved, she just needs the opportunity to get out.

Some of  2020’s most interesting moments have been brought to us by the youth of the world speaking up and taking charge. They may not always make a difference but they have made themselves seen. Lee Re as Jooni and Lee Ye-won as Yu-jin embody the spirit and potential of youth throughout this movie. Their very creative use of cars both big and small where a massive highlight for me.

And my final reason why I think this film is perfect for 2020, it is because that no matter what it reminded me that we probably cannot save this world but we can still find some joy and hope in the smallest things. Friends, family, taking risks, meeting new people, it may sound stupid but this is what makes life worth living so yes this is my fifth and final reason why this is the movie for 2020.

Many will tell you that it is not as good as Train to Busan, but it is different and there in lies its core strength. The movie is built to entertain and it really succeeds in that. If you want to get out of your head, have a few jumps, see lots of booms and maybe shed a few tears then this is the movie for you.

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