K/DA Are Back In Full Swing And We Want MORE

Well we all knew this was coming and I think we can safely say that everyone of us is satisfied with the final product. If you are into badass ladies, SYFY landscapes, motorbikes and glorious visuals this is going to be the video for you.

As a fan of the original I was very happy to notice the return of all 4 of the singers from Pop Stars. So More see’s the return of Madison Beer, SOYEON and MIYEON of (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns but adding to the mix is new collaborator Lexie Liu as Seraphine.

And if this was not enough to excite you K/DA is currently prepping the release of their debut EP All Out. Not only featuring more but will have fa favorite “The Baddest”  as its lead single. Not only that but the EP will see collaborations with Petras  on Villains, Twice on I’ll Show You”), Aluna Drum Do Dum and a lot more. 

From what I can see the fans are very pleased with the groups first collaboration and Seraphine is fats becoming a star in her own right.

We are probably going to be seeing a lot more cosplay of her in the upcoming months.

So if you liked this then set your alarms for November 6th 2020 because that is when the new EP will drop.


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