We Finally Get A Grasp At What Free Guy Is All About

I will admit that at first this film did not impress me much. Do not get me wrong I am a Ryan Reynolds fan, but after films like RIPD, Blade 3, Wolverine Unleashed and  Green Lantern I get a little skiddish. I think a lot of films bank on him being charming and likable and then cram all the good bits intro the trailers, then you are left with a meh film that has a great leading man. But after the likes of Deadpool 1 and 2, 6 Underground and Detective Pikachu I am starting to wonder that if studios have learned the secret to making this man work, is just letting him do his thing…

So I am both excited for and cautious about Free Guy

The film sees a stereotypical open world video game where one of its characters gains sentience and begins to change the world around him. It is an unusual idea for a movie, but in 2020 I will take unusual. It just looks like a fun, popcorn flick and I think we all need this right now.

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