The Dino-Riders Are Coming Back

Let me pitch this to you. Your a kid, its 1988 and you want a new show to watch. How about a show with Aliens, Space Travel, Frank Welker doing his Dr Claw voice, lasers and of course DINOSAURS. That my friends is Dino-Riders. A show that sadly only lasted 14 episodes, possibly because it was to awesome to be on the air, or possible because it was utterly ridiculous.

The series saw the peaceful Valorians who lived a life of luxury until they attacked by the violent and warlike Rulons. This lead to the Valorians escaping the Rulon assault using their “Space Time Energy Projector”  however, something went wrong. They were sent back in time, 65 million years to the age of the dinosaurs. Unknown to them, the Rulon flagship was also sent back through time too taking their war to a whole new level.

How do they take their war to this whole new level you ask?

Well kids they do the only logical thing… they tame some MOTHER F*****G DINOSAURS!!!

They do us through two different methods. The Valorians, led by Questar use a form of telepathy to communicate with the Dinosaurs and the Rulons under Krulos brainwash the creatures. Both sides would go to build armour and weapons for the respective beasts and us viewers where all winners.

Before going further I will admit that historical accuracy was never considered in making this series. Dino-riders showed beasts such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex alongside species from earlier periods, including the Permian genus Dimetrodon, which lived 200 million years earlier, before dinosaurs existed. (Fun fact the Smithsonian museam would actually go onto keep the toys alive because the regular dinosaur toys that they sold where actually the ones from Din-riders just without the lasers.

So why am I talking about a 1980’s cartoon series that I only saw a few episodes of as a child?

Well Dino-Riders is making a come back with a new exclusive from Entertainment Earth!

The set is a new form factor – featuring single color Dinosaurs and figures similar to M.U.S.C.L.E. or military men from back in the days. While it isn’t quite the Dino-Riders we remember – it is a good sign that Dino-Riders are in Mattel’s scope and hopefully we can get some re-issues or full on remakes down the road. The set is due in Feb 2021 and is priced at $19.99. 


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