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Marvels Beautiful Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

I am far to late with this, but that is because honestly between a crazy life and utterly devastated by this news I never felt I could do the man justice. This was something I thought I needed to sit down and take the time to do. Just last night a friend turned to me and said:

“Do you know that Chadwick Boseman went and visited terminally ill kids, even when he was suffering with Cancer.”

That just sums up how amazing a guy he was. He never showed the world a bitter hand, even if we would not have judged him, he just acted like a hero and was good to his fans.

So feeling that I could not do this man any justice, I will simply let Marvel do it right:

Also if you are a fan of Black Panther, in part because of Chadwick’s work in the role, then head over to Comixology and get yourself some Black Panther comics, because as a beautiful tribute, they are all pretty much free right now.

Chadwick Boseman was better than most, he understood what it meant to play the role of Black Panther and he gladly embraced it. He was more a hero and more a king than the one he played on screen. RIP Chadwick, the world will miss you, but thank you for showing us the beauty of life and how to live with honour.


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