KDA Are Making Their Triumphant Return

It has been nearly two years since K/DA graced our screens and their fans are still going strong. If you have never heard of this gorup, then you can be forgiven, after all they have only ever released one song. That and they are not real, sort of.

K/DA is a virtual K-pop girl group consisting of four League of Legends characters Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa. Evelynn and Kai’Sa are voiced by American singers Madison Beer and Jaira Burns respectively, while Ahri and Akali are voiced by (G)I-dle members Miyeon and Soyeon.

The band was created to promote the League World Championship and to sell, well stuff. 

At that years League World Cup they even did a live rendition of the song, complete with the actual singers, Holograms of the characters and production value that would have been unheard of in the past.

But it does not stop there because they even have an all Korean version of the song.

Last year many of the fans where pumped looking forward to a new K/DA track but Riot games surprised us with Giants by another fictional group, True Damage. This song would be less K-pop and more Hip Hop but would still feature Akali as a prominent member.

Yet still the fans want more !!!

Well looks like Riot heard the call and a few days ago dropped this tweet…

It does not make up for how bad 2020 has been, but it helps ease the pain.

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