Running With The Devil

I have seen plenty of people saying this is Nic Cage breaking bad, but I can safely say this film is so much more than that. The film see’s an every man with a dark secret, Nic Cage is that every man and he ends up being in way over his head. So what’s the plot?

Running With The Devil see’s the head of a major drug empire send two of his most well regarded executives to investigate why shipments of his cocaine are being hijacked and over cut somewhere on the supply chain. 


Just going into it, I loved how this film look at the modern drug trade, gone are the days of gangster drug lords and long live the CEO drug king pin. As much as I love the old cheesy Scarface style it just seemed compteley illogical. In this modern connected and monitored world the only way that drugs could survive is to treat them like a regular commodity. Which involves executives, instead of lieutenants and also needs stringent checks, because no matter how good your price is, it would be far to easy for someone else to find another product. 

Have ever wondered where the drugs come from?

if so then brother this is the film for you, because unlike many other films this one shows you the creation, transportation and distribution of the product. In a unique but fascinating choice it even shows you how monotonous and boring the drug trade can be. I know this may shock some of you but it is probably not always as fast paced as how pop-culture would have you think.

Of course the film is not without it’s action, there are some very dark moments of violence and a few bigger and more tense scenes that you can all gleefully look out for. If that is not enough there is also plenty of debauchery for you to look out for,  basically  this is not a movie to watch with mom and dad. As always Cage gives the performance everything that he has and ontop of that Laurence Fishburne, Leslie Bibb and Adam Goldberg are all excellent in this picture. 

It’s a good film yet unusual film, one that will be perfect for those late autumn nights.

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